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- Fixing kit;


If any of these items are not contained in your package, please contact IBBX.

For more information access the User Manual, User Guide or video tutorial.

The IBBX CONNECT MODULAR is 182mm high, 155.5mm wide, 40.5mm deep and weighs 350 grams, including the device case. It also has a QR Code label for activation and identification.

Actual size and weight may vary according to the manufacturing process;

For more information access the User Manual, User Guide or video tutorial.

Before installing the IBBX CONNECT MODULAR, check that the position chosen for installation is recommended or at least satisfactory, as illustrated in the User Guide.

The positioning guidelines must be followed to ensure the proper functioning of the solution.

Recommended positions are the most suitable, as they provide accurate readings from more reliable data.

Satisfactory positions can be adopted in cases where installation in the recommended positions is not possible.

Inappropriate positions can result in inaccurate readings and should therefore be avoided.

For more information access the User Manual, User Guide or video tutorial.

It is important that the case of the IBBX CONNECT MODULAR is fixed in such a way as to ensure mechanical coupling to the surface of the asset to be monitored.

Identify a rigid place on the equipment where the sensor can be installed, which should be as close as possible to the pressure sensor.

The IBBX CONNECT MODULAR can be fixed using screws or double-sided tape. The best fixing method for each asset must be assessed and different preparations are required for each type of fixing.

Make sure you clean and dry the installation site so that there is no dust or oil residue, regardless of the fixing method you choose.

For more information access the User Manual, User Guide or video tutorial.

To activate your IBBX CONNECT MODULAR , use the QR Code printed on the label on the front of the sensor. It is easily scanned by most camera phones and tablets.

Select the company, unit and equipment that the device will be installed on. This information must have been previously registered with IBBX RETINA.

To scan, click on the red icon in the top right corner and the camera on your phone or tablet will automatically start. Then just frame the QR Code and your device will be activated!

For more information access the User Manual, User Guide or video tutorial.

Once the device has been activated, real-time monitoring information, fault alerts and much more will be available on the IBBX RETINA platform.

A complete platform for asset monitoring, entirely online in the cloud. It's a one-stop shop for all your monitoring needs, allowing you to view everything important in one place. Whether you're at work or at home, you'll always have real-time data and analysis of your equipment at your fingertips.

For more information access the User Manual, User Guide or video tutorial.

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