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We are an IoT Greentech helping you to be more sustainable

No wires, no changing batteries

Recycling energy, connecting without limits

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  • Mondelez
  • Embraer
  • Brf
  • Nestle
  • Unilever
  • Pilkington
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Scalability in a complete ecosystem

  • solutions

    We recycle lost energy to give batteries longevity

  • solutions

    Installation, infrastructure and service 100% included in the price

  • solutions

    Monitoring of any quantity, guaranteeing digitalization of the plant

  • solutions

    Guaranteed connectivity via proprietary protocol

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  • 72m

    Useful energy

    And without waste, which we guarantee with our recycling technology

  • 56%

    Average ROI

    Achieved by our customers after installing and using the complete IBBX ecosystem

  • +35

    Customers in attendance

    Installed and operating in different market segments

  • 15x

    IBBX growth

    Named one of the 100 Startups to Watch, company grows 15x in 2021


Proprietary technology without application limits

  • Sanitation


    Avoid pressure loss, pipe leakage or deflection. Ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and have the possibility of several other measurements in real time.

  • Energy


    Check current, voltage, power factor, impedance, temperature and other quantities. You can count on highly durable equipment that recycles energy from magnetic fields. fields.

  • Chemistry


    Eliminate risks or inconsistent information on PH, pressure, temperature, electric current, voltage in systems, vibrations, among others. Ensure that key data is kept parameters.

  • Agribusiness


    Monitor soil moisture, PH, nutrients, wind, animals on the ground and other variables important for agriculture. No wires and no need to change batteries.

  • Mining


    Accompany pumping stations, motors, bearings, mats, deflection of other needs of the extractive industry. Safety is essential!

  • Food and drink

    Food and drink

    Find out the pressure, temperature, PH of fermentations and other quantities. Ensure the production line equipment and maintain the right parameters. Food chain data can be just a click away.

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

    Measure the pressure and operation of oil or gas pipelines, as well as the activity of equipment in general. Just one detail in fluid conduction can be the difference between success and success and error in environments where sensitive materials are involved.

  • Pulp and Paper

    Pulp and Paper

    Ensure control of tank temperature, pressure, surface deflection, belt and motor operation, weight of conveyors and motors, weight, thickness and other variables. Have the supervision of control the systems.

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Learn about our journey

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    Choose what you want to monitor

    With the IBBX portfolio, we offer the best solutions for the complete digitalization of your plant. We measure vibration, temperature, electrical data, pressure or any other quantity you need, wirelessly and without changing batteries.

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    Request a quote

    Create your personalized proposal directly on our website or by contacting our sales team. We have different models to suit your needs.

  • 03

    Receive and install our devices

    After receiving the IBBX package at your plant, use our user guide to install and activate the devices on your equipment in a simple and practical way. To help you, the guide has a complete step-by-step guide in text and video.

  • 04


    All the equipment is already tested and active. From this stage onwards, our client will use the single system: Retina WEB

  • 05

    IBBX Retina

    Use our own platform designed to meet your needs.

  • 06

    No wires and no battery changes

    We recycle electromagnetic pollution in the environment and transform it into useful energy to monitor companies' assets, wirelessly and without changing batteries. It's our contribution to a more conscious and sustainable world.

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